The Japanese word for “rice ball” is Omusubi. Musubi means “unite”, as sticky japanese rice gets united in the hands of the cook. As I was thinking about that word (and maybe also eating omosubi), I came up with an idea. Let’s give rice balls a new role: to unite people.
This is the goal behind United Rice Ball.


Mixing Japanese rice with the rice from another country, we will make a special Omusubi, the first ever United Rice Ball.


People from Japan and the partner country meet to enjoy the United Rice Balls together.

How will it taste? What feelings will people from two countries share while tasting it?

We want to answer these questions. We will share variations of United Rice Balls, with drinks and a talk about rices, while our DJ plays a mix of music from both countries.

The first country is Spain and the second one is Thailand. Beyond this, we will create mixed Omusubi and hold an event for each country. Not only about the rice ball, but we will also have a lot of ideas every time, such as talk about rice and music DJ from two countries.

Please come and enjoy the world's first experience.

United Rice Ball vol.2

In 2020, Thailand was our partner country! And we hold it online! Participants received a "Thai x Japanese rice-ball kit," had it made at home, connected with zoom, and ate together with us. The kit was sold at Makuake from 26th Aug. to 15th Sep. It was broadcasted from the Thai ambassador's residence on September 26, the 133rd establishment of diplomatic relations between Thailand and Japan.

Sat, Sep 26, 2020 17:00-18:00

Online @ zoom

Royal Thai Embassy

Unite Rice Ball in the past

The first United Rice Ball was a mix of Japanese and Spanish rice. We prepared four recipes: a simple one, a very Spanish one, etc. About 150 people from 6 countries, including Japan and Spain, participated.

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